"My husband and I hired Stevie as a night doula to help me get some sleep after the birth of our twin boys. It was the best decision we made and I couldn't recommend her more. My husband was traveling for work a lot at that time so it was a game changer to be able to get 8 hour stretches of sleep a few nights a week. She was trustworthy and I felt totally comfortable leaving my boys with her. She helped us keep them on the same feeding and sleep schedule which was so helpful to me when I had to take care of the twins alone! I got detailed reports from her every morning after she had watched them. She had a lot of great advice about tweaking their feed/sleep schedules to gently nudge them into sleeping longer stretches as well. We got them sleeping through the night together (12 hours!) shortly before they turned four months. In addition to caring for the boys, she also cared for me. She helped with chores around the house like cleaning dishes/bottles and laundry and was willing to help with breakfast/snack prep if I asked. Waking up to that was so amazing. She even helped me research therapists in the area who specialize in post partum issues. She was available by text or phone when I had questions, which sometimes was a lot! As a first time mom, that was really nice to have that support. I would definitely hire her again in a heartbeat!"

- Melissa B.

"Stevie is simply amazing! She has such great wisdom regarding childcare, breastfeeding and all things children and motherhood. I had the pleasure of working with her for 3 weeks with my newborn son, and she was worth every penny. She's proactive and very eager to be helpful in whatever way she can. She's genuine, reliable, gentle and trustworthy. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for extra support during their transition into parenthood and beyond. "

- Kacey S.


"Stevie was amazing with our little one. She watched him during the day, giving me and my husband a chance to relax and get some sleep. I was very impressed with her professionalism and her confidence as a doula. She's kind, supportive and offers great advice without any judgement. I had questions around breastfeeding, to napping, to baby carriers, and Stevie was able to address all my concerns. If you are looking for a night nanny/doula, look no further. You will appreciate every minute with her! "

-Lisa R.

"We had such a wonderful experience with our doula, Stevie over the summer of 2019. She was so sweet, thoughtful, personal, loving, a knowledgable expert, and a happy smily person. She was a superpower of organizing the house, housework, and all logistics of taking care of the baby and more. I got precious naps while she was doing all the work. I got a lot of emotional supports and she was always on my side listening to my concerns and gave me warm feelings when I left alone taking care of the little one. My heart was lifted when she comes into the house, and her smile was super nice influence to my baby. He started to smile more and more as she plays with him and get him laugh every session with her. I think it was very positive experience for my baby to see her 3 times a week to have playful happy time. I cannot thank her more for the help and experience she gave to both myself and my baby. "

-Koko T.

"Stevie is absolutely wonderful! We were connected through another postpartum doula who we had worked with who had to move on due to scheduling conflicts. We were nervous at first to start anew with someone else (this is our first baby), but in the end we could not have been happier that we got to work with Stevie. From our first conversation, she instantly made me feel at ease and it was clear she is very knowledgeable about her work and all things baby related. Each week, she was super supportive and available by text to answer any of my questions. It's a very hard thing to be comfortable leaving your baby with someone you don't know, especially in those early weeks, but anyone who hires Stevie will not be disappointed. She clearly loves what she does and cares about the whole family she works with- it's not just about the baby, she is there to support mom and dad on this journey too. I have already recommended Stevie to my friends and would 100% hire her again for our family too! "

-Kristen O.