Baby Toes


Working with families in the postpartum period I offer support, information, instruction, comfort, and referrals as needed. I am there to support the mother’s recovery, give instruction on infant care and feeding, assist with household organization, and more.

Home Help

Assist with nursery and household organization.

Make meals for your family.

Light laundry and dishes. 

Offer Advice

Encourage informed decision making.

Provide information on care options and resources for the mother and newborn.

Refer to healthcare professionals when support requires clinical assessment, a need for prescription, or medical diagnosis.


Support and assist with infant feeding.

Newborn Development

Educate your family on newborn care and characteristics.


Support the physical and emotional healing of the mother.

Provide support to the new mother’s partner and/or family.

Encourage your family to seek care that reflects their values and needs.

Overnight Support

Support your family by giving you a full nights rest while all the needs of the newborn are met, plus other household duties are completed.