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Stevie Rose Doula

Certified Postpartum Doula


COVID-19 Update

Due to the Global Pandemic COVID-19, I have introduced additional safety measures both in my home and the homes of my clients.  I am focusing on overnight support at this time, however I am working with other doulas to get your daytime needs also covered. Please contact me for more details.

Meet Stevie


I am so happy that you are here, and congratulations on your new addition!


They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I found my passion as a postpartum doula and have not worked a day since. In the current culture parents have so much pressure to be perfect and do it on their own. I have made it my mission to educate parents on the benefits of having support during the fourth trimester, and that it truly does take a village.  

I became a mother in 2006, I remember that feeling and pressure to do it all on my own. To say it was a struggle is an understatement. I went on to have a total of 5 children. Each time I gave myself a little more grace and asked for more help. By the time I had my 5th baby I took all the help I could get. Needless to say my experience in the 4th trimester was the best the last time around.

For years I contemplated leaving my secure career in a healthcare office to follow my dream to become a Postpartum Doula. Finally in 2018 I trained with CAPPA to become a Postpartum Doula. I started my work in an agency setting and then launched my own business in 2019. I have since became a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula and have served over 20 families.  Which  have included: multiples, babies with disabilities, preemies, and singletons.  As many parents know there is always new and updated information when it comes to the care of a newborn, that is why I continue my education by reading postpartum-related books, and taking courses to help serve my families. I always maintain infant CPR as well. 

Watching families grow, and people become parents for the first, second or even third time has been a joy. I can truly say that I love what I do! 

In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with my family; watching movies, swimming, hiking, and exploring San Diego. 



As a Postpartum Doula I work with families in the postpartum period; offering support, information, instruction, comfort, and referrals as needed. My role as a Postpartum Doula is to support the mother’s recovery, give instruction on infant care and feeding, and assist with household organization.

Home Help

Household assistance (light dishes, baby's laundry).

Assist with household and nursery organization.


Support and assist with infant feeding.

Breastfeeding assistance, emotional support.


Provide non-biased emotional, physical, and informational support during the postpartum period.

Support the physical and emotional healing of the mother.

Provide support to the new mother’s partner and/or family.